05 Jul

Solidarity Actions for UK Citizens in Germany

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100.000 Brits living in Germany may face their repatriation. Brexit makes them lose their European citizenship and therewith their rights to free movement in the EU, including working and residing in Germany.

Citizens For Europe launches three actions to provide UK citizens in Germany with a European alternative to repatriation.
1) Advice: LegalClinic – Citizenship & Residence permit

We are setting up the infrastructure for a “LegalClinic – Citizenship & Residence permit” to support people in Germany to remain in the European Union and Germany after the Brexit. It will provide legal advice and administrative guidance for the acquisition of German citizenship or a residence permit. The Clinic will operate for about 24 months until the UK finally breaks away from the EU, thus becoming a “third country”.

Need legal advice and administrative support? Write to us

Want to support the LegalClinic with your know-how or ressources? Write to us

2) Campaign: Marry a Brit – you are part of us

We will launch the media campaign “Marry a Brit” in which you can express your friendship, solidarity and love to those who voted against the nationalistic and xenophobic Brexit. Let’s raise our voice for an inclusive European society and against those who endanger the European idea from far right.

I #MarryaBrit … because 22 million Brits stood up against racism, nationalism and borders.

Join our campaign and tell us why you would #MarryaBrit!

share your love and spread your solidarity on social media: use the hashtag #MarryaBrit on Facebook and Twitter
3) Public Event: Brits in Germany and the consequences of Brexit

Which consequences does Brexit have for British citizens residing in Germany? What possible scenarios could unfold after the negotiation between the EU and the UK? Which options do then British citizens in Germany have to avoid repatriation? In an interactive workshop we will find answers with lawyers specialised in EU and German legislation, with representatives from the UK and public authorities in Germany.

You can pre-register for the event.

Let’s #freeEurope

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