05 Jul

Solidarity Actions for UK Citizens in Germany

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100.000 Brits living in Germany may face their repatriation. Brexit makes them lose their European citizenship and therewith their rights to free movement in the EU, including working and residing in Germany.

Citizens For Europe launches three actions to provide UK citizens in Germany with a European alternative to repatriation.
1) Advice: LegalClinic – Citizenship & Residence permit

We are setting up the infrastructure for a “LegalClinic – Citizenship & Residence permit” to support people in Germany to remain in the European Union and Germany after the Brexit. It will provide legal advice and administrative guidance for the acquisition of German citizenship or a residence permit. The Clinic will operate for about 24 months until the UK finally breaks away from the EU, thus becoming a “third country”.

Need legal advice and administrative support? Write to us

Want to support the LegalClinic with your know-how or ressources? Write to us

2) Campaign: Marry a Brit – you are part of us

We will launch the media campaign “Marry a Brit” in which you can express your friendship, solidarity and love to those who voted against the nationalistic and xenophobic Brexit. Let’s raise our voice for an inclusive European society and against those who endanger the European idea from far right.

I #MarryaBrit … because 22 million Brits stood up against racism, nationalism and borders.

Join our campaign and tell us why you would #MarryaBrit!

share your love and spread your solidarity on social media: use the hashtag #MarryaBrit on Facebook and Twitter
3) Public Event: Brits in Germany and the consequences of Brexit

Which consequences does Brexit have for British citizens residing in Germany? What possible scenarios could unfold after the negotiation between the EU and the UK? Which options do then British citizens in Germany have to avoid repatriation? In an interactive workshop we will find answers with lawyers specialised in EU and German legislation, with representatives from the UK and public authorities in Germany.

You can pre-register for the event.

Let’s #freeEurope

Your CFE-Team

21 Apr

Citizens For Europe sucht für sein Projekt

Vielfalt entscheidet – Diversity in Leadership


Public Relations Officer

im Bereich Diversity, (Anti-)Rassismus und Migration
Umfang: 15 – 20 Stunden/Woche

Vergütung: 16€/Stunde

Zeitraum: ab sofort, bis Ende 2017, Verlängerung angestrebt


Deine Aufgaben

im Rahmen des Projekts Vielfalt entscheidet – Diversity in leadership

  • Aktive Pflege der Webseite und der Social Media Kanäle inklusive Community Management und Akquirierung von Informationen
  • Konzeption und Umsetzung einer kreativen Kampagne zu Vielfalt in Führungspositionen und der Erhebung von Gleichstellungsdaten
  • Konzeption, Organisation und Durchführung von Veranstaltungen
  • Recherche und inhaltliche Aufbereitung projektrelevanter Informationen und Daten
  • Verfassen von Pressemitteilungen und redaktionellen Beiträgen
  • Ausbau und Pflege projektrelevanter Pressekontakte
  • Begleitung der Ausschreibung des Berliner DiverseCity Award


Dein Profil

  • Mindestens zwei Jahre Erfahrung in einem relevanten Feld
  • Gute bis sehr gute Kenntnisse zu den Themen Diversity, (Anti-)Rassismus und Migration
  • Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Kommunikationsmaßnahmen, online und offline
  • Sicherer Umgang mit WordPress und Mailchimp
  • Relevante Kontakte in Medien, Politik und Zivilgesellschaft
  • Zugang und Erfahrung in der Zusammenarbeit mit von Rassismus betroffenen Communities
  • Sehr gutes Deutsch und sicherer Umgang im Englischen, Wort und Schrift
  • Teamplayer, selbstorganisiertes Arbeiten


Fühlst Du Dich angesprochen?

Bei uns wirst Du…

  • in einem kleinen und diversen Team arbeiten
  • Teil eines wichtigen Akteurs in der europäischen und Berliner Zivilgesellschaft
  • mit der Organisation wachsen und an Entscheidungsprozessen teilnehmen
  • Spaß und Arbeit verbinden
  • eigene Ideen und Kontakte in Deine tägliche Arbeit miteinbinden


Bist Du bereit Dich zu bewerben?

Bitte schicke folgende Unterlagen in einem Dokument als PDF an Daniel Gyamerah: bewerbung@citizensforeurope.org

  1. Lebenslauf (maximal zwei Seiten)
  2. Anschreiben, aus dem hervorgeht warum Du für die Stelle geeignet bist und was Dich zur Bewerbung motiviert (maximal eine Seite)
  3. Eine Übersicht Deiner bisherigen für die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit relevanten Aktivitäten

Bewerbungsfrist: 4. Mai 2016

Einladung zu Interviews: 10. Mai 2016

Bewerbungsgespräche: 17 + 18. Mai 2016
Bei uns wird Diversity gelebt! Daher freuen wir uns besonders über Bewerbungen von People of Color und schwarzen Menschen sowie Personen mit Migrations- oder Fluchtgeschichte.
Citizens For Europe (CFE) ist eine europaweit tätige, gemeinnützige Organisation mit Sitz in Berlin. Unser Ziel ist, ausgehend von der lokalen Ebene, eine inklusive und partizipative Gesellschaft in der Europäischen Union voranzutreiben. Seit 2010 setzen wir innovative Projekte zu den Themen citizenship, kulturelle Vielfalt und politische Partizipation in der EU um, immer in lokalen und europäischen Partnerschaften. Wir arbeiten prozessorientiert, sind horizontal organisiert und sowohl Sozialunternehmen als auch Aktivist_innenplattform.

Mit “Vielfalt entscheidet” setzen wir das Thema Vielfalt in Führungspositionen privater und öffentlicher Institutionen in Berlin auf die öffentliche und politische Agenda. Wir erheben und veröffentlichen Daten und decken die negativen Konsequenzen des Repräsentationsdefizits in Führungspositionen im Kontext des demographischen Wandels, der Frage nach Chancengleichheit in der Gesellschaft und der Leistungsfähigkeit der Institutionen auf. Mit interaktiven Methoden bringen wir Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik zusammen, um von Vorreitern zu lernen, Rassismus zu bekämpfen und die interkulturelle Öffnung in Führungsetagen voranzutreiben. Vielfalt entscheidet ist eingebettet in europäische und lokale Partnerschaften und ein Leuchtturmprojekt von CFE.

11 Mar

Initiating Change in Europe

Celebrate Participation, Diversity, and Citizenship




1. Summer Birthday Party


Citizens For Europe wants to celebrate its 5th anniversary with you!

We thank you and all our partners that stand with us to promote a more inclusive and participatory society in Europe. Whether campaigning voting rights for migrants, fighting TTIP, promoting diversity in leadership, deepening democracy at EU level, bridging divides between academia, civil society, and politics or empowering activists, you have most probably crossed or even joined our path of activities.

To celebrate properly, we want to invite YOU to come over! So, sign up for our

Summer Birthday party on 25 June in Berlin, 5PM till 10PM

Celebrate a good cause and meet and connect with our network and partners. As soon as we know how many people will come, we let you know where the party starts.


2. Mission statement

  • We boost opportunities for more broad and meaningful political participation by promoting the extension of voting rights and political engagement for all, from the local to the EU level.
  • We demonstrate the value and advantages of ethnic and cultural diversity in Europe, encourage inclusion and fight discrimination and racism in society.
  • We apply and offer effective interactive, participatory methods and innovative techniques both in our work and as a service provider to create meaningful, sustainable and collective impact.
  • We achieve our thematic goals by bridging different actors (citizens, civil society, public and private sectors, politicians and academics) and types of knowledge and perspectives to promote cross-pollination and create more effective outcomes.


3. Next Issue: Youth in Europe

The new Open Citizenship, “Youth in Europe”, is out now! What better way to celebrate five years of Citizens for Europe and Open Citizenship than putting age at the centre of our next issue? “Youth in Europe” looks at the challenges and obstacles young people face across Europe today.To get you started, we’re featuring two new articles: an academic piece on young people’s imaginaries of Europe by Nora Schroeder, and an editorial Open Mic piece by Angelika Schenk and Leonie Martin on 5 ways to empower the youth. We’re publishing articles on a new website too, which allows us to publish articles online before we collect them into a paper journal at the end of the publishing cycle. You can read more here.


4. Open Space: Stadt der Zukunft

Germany is the second largest immigration country after the USA and therefore becoming a new home for many different nationalities from all over the world. We live together, work together and share the same backyard.

Still, many people are excluded from formal democratic participation processes. This is what also happened at the referendum in Berlin regarding the Tempelhofer Feld. Reason enough to come together at our Open Space event on

March 28th from 10AM to 5PM at

Podewil (Klosterstraße 68, 10179 Berlin)

to discuss methods and ideas how to make our cities more inclusive and welcoming to everyone. Just pass by with your passion, motivation and curiosity!


Open Space Method (Video)


5. Diversity in Leadership


Foto: picture alliance / XAMAX







Cultural institutions in Berlin
The newest study of Vielfalt entscheidet ist out! 756 leadership positions were investigated in 57 cultural institutions (theatre, operas, ballet companies and cabarets). Altogether the Berlin stages shouldn’t be ashamed of their results: 21% of the cultural leaders have a migration background and 7% are visible minorities.

Diversity in cultural institutions is already the second study that is published on the brand new website. As a watchdog, Vielfalt entscheidet publishes facts & figures, best practices and proposes policy solutions in order to increase the representation of the diverse population in Berlin at the decision-making level. Have a look and leave a comment: www.vielfaltentscheidet.de


6. Stop-TTIP – Campaigns across Europe

Within the framework of the European cooperation platform CitizensforEurope.eu, Citizens for Europe Berlin is currently supporting seven grassroots campaigns linked to the self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative (sECI) Stop-TTIP.

The projects aim to inform the local communities and push political decision-makers to stand against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the United States. They will engage organisations spread across seven European countries and address issues such as agriculture, digital rights, and coordination of the Stop-TTIP national campaigns in Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Poland.

Official page of the (sECI) Stop-TTIP: https://stop-ttip.org/