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Project Archive


Democratic Community of Practice (DemCoP)

Network: Geographical, social and economic processes of large scale challenge the way we used to organise our societies in Europe. Such processes materialize in the fading of national boundaries, an increase of internal and external migration, the demographic change and last but not least the collapse of financial systems. The Democratic Community of Practice (DeCoP) brings together different actors to lay the path for a long-term collaboration between civil society organizations (CSOs), public institutions, and engaged individuals to develop a network that promotes political participation of young people, migrants or disenfranchised groups.


INTEGRASeminar: INTEGRA – European Seminar for Integration Officers at Local Level. Today more than 30 million people in the EU reside permanently outside their country of origin. This development – paired with the current financial crisis and subsequent cuts in the public social sector – pose great challenges to our societies. Across the European Union, cities and regions have come up with innovative solutions to meet these challenges by striving for an inclusive and participatory society. The INTEGRA seminar brings together key actors who have devised such solutions. The aim is to boost cross border knowledge production and cooperation among integration officers.


Conference: The Brückenbauer Summer School 2012 is designed as a highly interactive and flexible platform for individual and collective experiences, networking and knowledge building. The methods support the resources present in the group to emerge, create a space for participants to learn from each other and to build new synergies on the basis of everyone’s experience. Documentation


Campaign: Symbolic election gives Berlin’s foreigners a voice. To promote democracy, Jede Stimme 2011 is organising a symbolic election and events inviting representatives from politics, academia and civil society. The objective was to create a momentum of public interest and pressure in which the integration of disenfranchised groups becomes an aim of political parties that, on mid-term, introduce more inclusive instruments of political participation for EU citizens and third-country nationals applicable to other communities in the EU as well.


Conference:Looking For European Citizenship. Globlisation, the European integration process and transnational migration lead to communities that become more and more diverse concerning their nationality and culture. One particular challenge is the current legal construction of European citizens as national subjects, which has become politically limiting and lacks functionality. The conference served as a platform for the development of new local as well as transnational cooperations, projects and initiatives.


Website: Vote-Exchange is the political complement of labour mobility and the fundamental freedoms within the EU. meets the growing desire for political participation in the EU and empowers EU-citizens to exert their will to vote at national level in an innovative way. The website promotes a new and modern form of transnational- and residency-based EU citizenship free from national and cultural attributes and empowers citizens in the EU to participate more fully the political process: independent of their national, cultural, ethnic or religious background.