Brückenbauer Summer School 2012 #bss12

Barcelona, 5 – 9 September 2012 Find here detailed information about the Summer School 2012 (For participants)

About the Summer School


The School brings together around 50 young activists of migrant NGOs from across Europe to learn from each other, to trigger cooperation and to initiate new projects in the field of diversity management, combating racism and populism and boosting interfaith community work and dialogue. Priority was given to NGOs that focus the local level. The School will last three days and be of an highly interactive format allowing the participants to design their own participation and learnings at the place.Additionally, the School foresees three keynotes from international experts to deliver insight knowledge that finds its way into all phases of the School. The School focuses on empowerment, networking, action planning and brings together practitioners striving for a more inclusive society. Participants are highly diverse concerning their national, cultural, religious background and professional level and mostly operate at local level.




  • Ratna Omivdar, President, Maytree Foundation, Toronto, Canada
  • Michaël Privot, Director, European Network Against Racism (ENAR), Brussels
  • Stephen Shashoua, Director, Three Faiths Forum, London


Brückenbauer Summer School 2012

For 3 days around 50 people with diverse backgrounds representing more than 50 civil society organizations (CSO) from 15 European countries meet from 5th – 7th September 2012 to work on diversity management, cross-religious dialogue, social cohesion, and combating racism and rightwing populism.

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connecting practicioners for a more inclusive society

It was the objective of the Brückenbauer Summer School 2012 (#bss12) to promote mutual understanding, respect, exchange, and cooperation among different groups and individuals strongly diverse on cultural, religious, national and/or ethnic levels. Non-formal learning experiences (pro-action café, open space) build up trust between individuals and open new windows for long term projects across borders. Together participants identified ways of how citizens can become the active driving force for their communities all over Europe. Inspired by keynote speakers, participants organized and planned concrete projects in the Pro Action Café. The participants became active agents for their cause and built up networks all over Europe! Find out about what they planned in the next section.
Pro Action Café #bss12Outcomes of the three day Summer School in Barcelona: This is what participants will work on in future!
Brückenbauer Summer School 2012 / Construir Puentes, Day 3 / Día 3Fundación Bertelsmann
Harvesting #bss125.-7. September Barcelona – Brückenbauer Summer School 2012 – connecting practicioners for a more inclusive society
„Barcelona Summer School 2012″bertelsmannstiftung
Guys, have a look at these statements by #bss12 participants! http://on.fb.me/RwEW1C @BertelsmannSt @ZdIntegration @opencitizenshipFundaciónBertelsmann
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Day 3 – Interfaith Dialogue

As Director of the London based 3FF (Three Faiths Forum), Stephen Shashoua, and his team dynamic team, innovate, design, and deliver a wide portfolio of award-winning social cohesion programmes to encourage interaction and learning between people of different faiths and beliefs. Having joined in 2004, Stephen has led the development of 3ff since 2008 into one of the UK’s largest and most delivery orientated interfaith and inter-cultural organisations. Stephen oversees 3FF’s outreach, both nationally and internationally. With a background in education and lifetime of understanding cultures, Stephen continues to work towards solutions to conflicts between communities and promote interaction, cooperation and learning through his work on the ground, as well as through his writing and lecturing.
RT @opencitizenship: Keynote on intereligous dialogue at #bss12 Stephen Shashoua @Stephen3FF, Director of Three Faiths Forum http://www.3ff.org.ukStephen Shashoua
#bss12 day 3 – Stephen Shashoua on interfaith dialog by opencitizenshipStephen Shashoua, Director of the Three Faith Forum (3FF) puts a focus on the role and objectives of interfaith dialogue in today’s society…

Day 2 – Combating Racism and Xenophobia

Michael Privot is director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) where he started as Networking and Campaigns Officer in January 2006. Previously, he worked during four years as FNRS Research Fellow at the University of Liège (Belgium). He also has several years experience in community building of Muslim communities in Belgium and Europe, as well as consultancy on related issues. He holds a BA in Oriental History and Philology (Islamology), a specialisation in Comparative History of Religions and Arabic (Damas), and a PhD in Languages and Literature from the University of Liège (Belgium). Michael became ENAR’s Director in March 2010
RT @SeeRap: #bss12 Starts today with a Speech on #racism by Michael Privot we need a new narrative #trueMiU
#bss12 day 2 – Micheal Privot on racism by opencitizenshipMichael Privot, Director of ENAR traces growing racism and right-wing populism in Europe during the last decade to focus on what NGOs can…

Day 1 – Diversity and Social Cohesion

Ratna Omidvar is President of Maytree, a private foundation that promotes equity and prosperity through its policy insights, grants and programmes. The foundation is known for its commitment to developing, testing, and implementing programmes and policy solutions related to immigration, integration and diversity in the workplace, in the boardroom and in public office. Ratna also serves as a director of the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance and is the chair of the Board of Directors of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). In 2006, Ratna was appointed to the Order of Ontario. In 2010, the Globe and Mail profiled Ratna as its Nation Builder of the Decade for Citizenship and in 2011 she was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada
Thank you @FBertelsmann . really enjoyed my time w #bss12. great group of young leaders!ratna omidvar
#bss12 day 1 – Ratna Omidvar on social cohesion by opencitizenshipRatna Omidvar, Director of the Maytree Foundation opening the international conference “Brückenbauer Summer School 2012″ #bss12 in Barcel…

Participant’s Statements

First day back in the office after excellent inclusion conference in Barcelona w @FBertelsmann @opencitizenship + others. Muy bien! #bss12Vicki Butler
RT @FBertelsmann: @Aniuxravale Ya está disponible un resumen de #bss12, por si te interesa http://bit.ly/Nx4hqC / perfecto, Gracias!Anye Ravale
@Stephen3FF thanks for sharing your work, and also “exploring” the streets parades of barcelona with us #bss12Peyman Pakzad
Brückenbauer Summer School 2012: Interview, Sharif Chowdhuryfundacionbertelsmann

Outputs, Resources, Links and Background Info

#Brückenbauer Summer School 2012 Charts, #Themen, #Fotos Tweets, Videos #Integration @FBertelsmann http://ow.ly/dLmj3Zukunft Integration
New publication – Good Ideas from Successful #Cities: Municipal Leadership in Immigrant Integration http://ow.ly/dHsDA #inclusionCities of Migration
RT @opencitizenship: RT @newtactics #bss12 So you want to redesign your community space to make it more impactful/collaborative? http://buff.ly/OSO1wYFundaciónBertelsmann
RT @opencitizenship: Open University project explores how the concept of citizenship is being refigured around the globe #bss12 http://www.oecumene.eu/aboutCitizens For Europe
RT @opencitizenship: #focas12 Open and Innovative Governance: technology helps to make citizenship and governance more participatory http://bit.ly/RwivJz #bss12valentina maini
RT @FBertelsmann: Barcelona se transformará en septiembre en un hervidero de ideas sobre diversidad social http://bit.ly/OuMgpe 5-6-7 septiembre #bss12 :DFrancesc Triola










The Summer School was co-organised by the Bertelsmann Foundation, Citizens For Europe e.V. and the Fundacion Bertelsmann and in close cooperation with our local partners UNESCOcat, Direction of Immigration of the City of Barcelona and IEMed.

With financial support from the EU Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.3 Youth Democracy Project