Info for participants

Info for Participants


Dear participants of the Summer School in Barcelona,

we are happy to welcome you on board and to send to you further details about the conference. The Summer School is an occasion for practitioners coming from all over Europe to connect and to exchange on their engagement for a more inclusive society.

Following topics will accompany and guide us through the three days.

  • diversity management and social cohesion
  • combating racism, xenophobia and rightwing populism
  • cross-religious dialogue and anti-islamic resentments
  • EU policies and instruments (fundamental rights, non-discrimination and citizenship)

List of Participants see here


A programme for you


The Summer School will start Wednesday, September 5, at 4pm and end on Friday, September 7, at 7pm. The registration will open at 2pm. We recommend that you register well before 4pm at the Summer School venue.

International keynote speakers, local NGO representatives as well as projects based in Barcelona will provide input and inspiration for triggering learning and debate. However, the protagonists of the Summer School will be you – around 46 practitioners from across Europe offering their own expertise, work experience and interests.
We have developed an agenda that is highly interactive, with plenty of room for you to voice your questions and ideas. Please find here the preliminary agenda.

Facilitators Lena Hummel and Giulia Molinengo from Interactive Workshop of Europe will be your guides during the three days. During this time, you will be able to focus on what matters to you, to interact with other practitioners, and to move forward with projects connected with the four main topics.

You are welcome to think of topics and projects that you would like to bring into the school and email us any expectations that you have for the event. This will hopefully help produce more concrete outputs. Email us at


Present yourself


In order to visualize the expertise and diversity of participants, we ask that you prepare a poster by August 19. These posters will facilitate interactions among participants and allow you to identify the people with whom you want to connect. Please take into account that due to the relatively large number of participants, there will not be an opportunity for everyone to present his or herself in front of a plenary. However, our interactive methods will provide plenty of opportunities to connect with others.

Below you will find a template that you can easily fill in with information about you and your projects or organisations. Their is a .doc file and .odt file. The latter one is for Open Office users. Please stick to the layout of the document and send your poster till August 19th to: We will take care of printing them and bringing them to the Summer School.

Poster in *.doc format (Microsoft Office)

Poster in *.odt format (Open Office)


Your Channels for Information


We want to make it easy for everybody to share knowledge and information. Therefore we set up several communication tools not only for the group in Barcelona but also for your friends and co-workers to build on a strong information backbone.
If you want to provide, receive or share information on the proposed topics before and after the Summer School, you can use the following online communication tools at your convenience. We keep track of the developments and check where things are happening. If it proves to be useful, we will integrate the information into the final documentation. You decide by using or not using. We hope you enjoy!


  • #bss12 (name tag for the conference, used on twitter, facebook and pinterest)
  • @FBertelsmann (Account curated by Fundacion Bertelsmann, Barcelona)
  • @ZdIntegration(Account curated by Bertelsmann Stiftung. Title: Future of integration)
  • @opencitizenship (Account curated by Citizens For Europe e.V.)




Please note: At the Summer School we will have a camera team present as well as some journalists. They will keep track of the event and eventually present it to the public. We also plan to distribute a list of participants, including email addresses.
We care about privacy, so please think about if you are comfortable with one or more of the following:

a) being filmed and photographed,
b) having your email displayed in the list of participants, or
c) being approached by journalists on the basis of the information on your the poster

We will again ask you at the beginning of the Summer School for your consent. Film and photographs will allow us to make a nice multimedia documentary of the conference. The list of participants will only be visible to participants of the Summer School and its partners. Using your posters, we want to give the press a chance to learn more about the purpose of the conference and to get into contact with the actors: you!

So, when you send in the poster, please indicate your answer to the three questions. Rest assured that if we don’t get any specific authorization from you, we will not forward any information.


Your travel and accommodation


Most of you are scheduled to arrive at the Barcelona City Airport El Prat (BCN). From there, you can reach the conference venue and hotel in 30-45 minutes by public transport. For those arriving in other airports (Girona or Reus), please let us know if you need further assistance to organise your transfer to the city. In both cases it takes about 1h 30min.

Größere Kartenansicht

Address of the Summer School (B in google map)
Circulo de Lectores
Travessera de Gràcia, 47
08021 Barcelona.

Address of the hotel (A in google map)

Condado Hotel
Carrer d’Aribau, 201
08021 Barcelona

To get from the Barcelona Airport to the Hotel/SummerSchool take the public train that leaves every 30min from Terminal 2 B to Place de Catalunya. From here you change in one of the several options to get to the metro stop Gràcia (C in google map), from where you have to walk around 500m. A single ticket costs around 1€, Airport – Hotel.

See the Barcelona Metro Map

In General, you will be accommodated in double rooms, same sex. As you know, all rooms for the International Summer School have been already booked from Sept. 5 to Sept. 8.
If you are either arriving before or leaving after that days and want us to reserve your room for more nights, please let us know it as soon as possible. We can reserve the extra nights for you and you will then pay them when you check out from the hotel.
If we don’t get any feedback from those of you who stay longer in Barcelona, we will assume that you will arrange your accommodation individually somewhere else.

Food: Please let us know if you have any special need concerning food intolerance or allergies. Vegetarian and fish dishes are always available.
We are Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Besr regards,

your CFE Team