Agenda Copenhagen meeting

Agenda Copenhagen Meeting



16:30 Participants Arrival and Registration
17:30 Presentation CFE + facilitators

  • Introducing the initiators
  • Framing the purpose of the meeting

17:40 Check-in

  • Getting ready to start
  • Introducing the participants

19:30 Interactive dinner
21:00 End of the day

FRIDAY, 03.02.12 – SHARE

09:00 Start of the day
09:30 Setting the Agenda
09:50 Presentation of the results of the Berlin meeting
10:00 World Café: Updating each other on the topic of “New forms of participation and democracy”; looking for the role of the network on this topic
11:20 Coffee break
11:40 Storytelling: 3 case-studies of participative democracy
12:30 Plenum and insights
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Pairs Interviews: Exchanging on individual resources and projects
15:00 Map the harvest

  • Connecting participants’ projects in the bigger frame of the network
  • Creating space for participants to get to know others’ activities
  • Letting emerge the collective resources.

15:30 Coffee break
15:50 Pro Action Cafe': Providing space for the participants’ projects to be discussed and supported by others
17:30 Harvesting
18:00 End of the Day

SATURDAY, 04.02.12 – OWN IT!

09:00 Start of the day and summarizing
09:45 Self-Hosting Morning
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Circle Harvesting
14:20 Task Forces – framing

  • Expliciting the need to focus on concrete tasks and roles
  • Identifying concrete areas

14:40 Task Forces – 1st ROUND

  • Reflecting on the status quo

15:10 Task Forces – 2nd ROUND

  • Taking action. Trying out possible future solutions

16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Prototypes Presentation

  • Sharing with the whole group possible future scenarios with concrete steps

17:30 End of the Day


09:30 Start of the day
10:00 Networking Breakfast
10:30 Action Planning
11:30 Check Out
13:00 End of the activities