Who Cares About Sustainability?

After all, isn’t sustainability just a buzzword? Doesn’t it just mean ‘green energy’? Why should anyone care about it?

The new edition of Open Citizenship asks these questions to find out if we as citizens are missing an important concept in our lives. There are many different definitions of ‘sustainability’- but not a single one illustrates the importance of sustainability to citizenship. Indeed, if we as citizens are not able to become involved in the debate, we risk losing the notion of citizenship itself.

The Journal

Like all editions of Open Citizenship, this edition aims to bridge academic expertise with grass-roots knowledge.

Among our academic articles:

Sustainability Needs Citizens, but do Citizens Need Sustainability?
by Lisa Pettibone.

This article introduces the importance of sustainability and citizenship by demonstrating that sustainability needs citizens, but also that citizens could benefit from the worldview that sustainability provides; it provides a new narrative for citizens to articulate their concerns with current political issues in Europe and point the way to potential solutions.

Education for Sustainability Citizenship
by John Huckle.

This article argues that education for sustainability citizenship is urgently needed to provide Europe’s young citizens with sources of hope in troubled times. It relates unsustainable development to a lack of democracy in a neoliberal Europe and suggests that education for sustainability citizenship provides ways for students and teachers to critically examine these in empowering ways.


Without citizen dialogue in the debate on sustainability, we may lose our concept of citizenship itself. To become involved in that dialogue, get your hands on the new edition of Open Citizenship today.

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It is the “famous” Franco-German Dialogue revisited! It is a conference that takes place every year since 1999 in the Saarland (Germany). Today, it is no longer just a conference but a working seminar of 3 days, open to a larger public at the end of the seminar.


The Seminar

The idea is to make about 30 European representatives of transregional initiatives or persons/organisations interested in transregional cooperations work together in a participative way on their concrete experiences in transnational democracy. It can be citizens panels, citizens initiatives, pragmatic solutions to local transnational problems, training activities, etc. The aim is to work together on the existing possibilities of participative transnational democracy, to network the participants and possibly make them work together.

You will find attached the concept and registration form for the seminar in English, French and German. Registration is open until 10th July. An official invitation from the organisers will follow your registration.


In brief

  • Dates: 13 September (afternoon) – 16 September (afternoon) 2014
  • Place: European Academy Otzenhausen (Saarland, Germany)
  • Working languages: English, French, German
  • Number of participants: about 30
  • Deadline for registration: 10th July 2014
  • Conditions: full reimbursement of travel costs according to the price travelling by train; 50 euros participation fee (contribution to accommodation and organisation costs)


How to apply?

Please find below the concept as well as the registration form in three languages:

Please send your registration to the contact person Ms. Katja Kammer (kammer@eao-otzenhausen.de)

Would you be interested in participating or do you think about an initiative of your network that might be interested in participating?

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Te Seminar is co-organized bycfe.eu logologo-eao-europa-begegnung-enASKO









Local government and community leaders, practitioners, experts, activists and policy-makers came together for a dynamic three-day event to explore the practical realities and opportunities created by today’s hyper-diversity.

Read, listen and watch how this event wants to shape the discourse on migration, urbanisation and diversity!

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