February 15, 2021

#AFROZENSUS Online survey

Online survey #AFROZENSUS

A survey from the community for the community

More than one million people of African descent live in Germany. #AFROZENSUS is the first large-scale online survey to record their life realities, experiences of discrimination and perspectives. Based on the results, concrete measures are proposed to reduce racist discrimination and to protect and promote people of African origin in Germany.
February 10, 2021
KNAD Kompetenznetzwerk Antidiskriminierung und Diversitätsorientierung

Competence Network “Antidiscrimination and Diversity Focus”

Competence Network
"Antidiscrimination & Diversity Focus"

We inform. We advise. We accompany.

Since 2020, CFE has been working together with the Anti-Discrimination Association Germany (advd) and RAA Berlin in the Competence Network “Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Focus”. As part of the federal program "Demokratie leben!", the network has set itself the task of advancing the professional discourse on the topics of anti-discrimination, equality and diversity focus nationwide and supporting governmental and non-governmental organizations in preventing, recognizing, addressing and reducing discrimination.
February 9, 2021
#VielfaltImFilm Grafik

#VielfaltImFilm – Diversity in the film sector

Online survey Vielfalt im Film

For an inclusive film industry in front and behind the camera

How diverse is the German-speaking film and television industry? Who is represented and how, and who is not? What exclusions and precarious working conditions exist and how can we promote the development of an inclusive working environment in the film industry? The initiative and online survey Vielfalt im Film (ViF) was the first comprehensive survey of anti-discrimination and equality data in the German-speaking film and television industry. Over 6,000 members of the film industry in their 440 professions participated in the online survey. The results of #VielfaltImFilm indicate that discrimination pervades the German film industry and limits the participation of people with different diversity backgrounds.
February 8, 2021
CHIEF Podcast Advocacy for social and political change

Survey on structural exclusions in the party Bündnis 90/die Grüne

Survey on structural exclusions in the party Bündnis 90/die Grüne

So far, hardly any quantitative and qualitative surveys have examined discrimination, barriers to access and career opportunities for persons affected by discrimination in German political parties. On behalf of the Federal Executive Committee of the party Bündnis 90 / die Grünen, our qualitative survey on experiences of discrimination within the party is a first step towards gaining specific insights into the mechanisms of exclusion and effective measures for inclusion within the Green party.
November 11, 2018
featured image Vielfalt Entscheidet


Collection of anti-discrimination and equality data

We work on strategies for a more inclusive society.

People of Color and Black people are underrepresented in leadership positions. To accelerate equitable change, we conduct research on diversity in organizations and collect data that help them to diversify, uncover discrimination, and become more inclusive. We develop strategies, demands and concepts for the development of inclusive administrations, organizations and companies. Aided by our network of community organisations as well as legal, policy and technology experts, our team conducts research to identify hurdles and evaluate policies and activities designed to enhance and deepen inclusion.