Competence Network “Antidiscrimination and Diversity Focus”

KNAD Kompetenznetzwerk Antidiskriminierung und Diversitätsorientierung

Competence Network "Antidiscrimination & Diversity Focus"

We inform. We advise. We accompany.

Since 2020, CFE has been working together with the Anti-Discrimination Association Germany (advd) and RAA Berlin in the Competence Network “Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Focus”. As part of the federal program "Demokratie leben!", the network has set itself the task of advancing the professional discourse on the topics of anti-discrimination, equality and diversity focus nationwide and supporting governmental and non-governmental organizations in preventing, recognizing, addressing and reducing discrimination. It is also intended to strengthen the actors' ability to better deal with diversity and to use effective strategies to make their organizations more representative and inclusive.

The competence network is characterized by a power-critical, intersectional and structural understanding of discrimination, which is simultaneously directed against individual, institutional as well as structural discrimination.

The competence network develops effective approaches and strategies

    • for dealing with discrimination in concrete situations
    • for shaping diversity through the further development of organizations and structures, and
    • to develop structural measures from a leadership perspective and to collect equality data.

The focus of CFE's work in the network is on the last point - strategic and structural approaches from a leadership perspective

The guiding questions of our work are:

  • How can discrimination and representation be captured?
  • What structural barriers and institutional mechanisms of discrimination can be identified and reduced through framing factors?
  • How can future leaders from racially discriminated communities be recruited and empowered?
  • What possibilities are there for action at the legal and structural level to promote representation and participation in the long term.

By the end of 2024, CFE has three areas of focus as part of the competency network

  • Collecting anti-discrimination and equality data - e.g., within organizations or through community surveys.
  • Designing and implementing inclusive leadership trainings for underrepresented groups, especially people of color and black people.
  • Contributing to the discourse on affirmative action, i.e., the targeted and structured advancement of underrepresented groups.

The Competence Network offers expert advice, networking, quantification, qualification and specially developed approaches, methods and professional standards in the thematic field of anti-discrimination and diversity orientation, makes these known within and outside the federal program and ensures a sustainable, nationwide transfer of the bundled expertise. For inquiries about our work, you can reach the CFE team at For questions about the competence network, you can reach us through the network coordinator Iréne Servant (

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