Vielfalt entscheidet


Applied research, diversity reporting and equality data collection

Our "Vielfalt entscheidet - Diversity in Leadership" team conducts applied research on diversity and discrimination using context-specific methods (e.g. expert interviews, focus groups and online surveys). Through a mix of methods consisting of expert interviews and focus group interviews, institutional and barrier analysis we identify mechanisms of discrimination and develop proposals for action. Our online surveys on the subject of diversity, discrimination and their experiences in the organisation are suitable, for benchmark studies among employees of an organisation. The results support the initiation of diversity processes.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in organizations

Our "Vielfalt entscheidet - Diversity in Leadership" team supports actors who want to actively deal with diversity and discrimination in their organisations.  Our workshop formats, strategic reflection for managers and diversity focused organisational development processes are designed to support such activities, often informed by methods of applied research.

Expert presentations & keynotes

Our "Vielfalt entscheidet- Diversity in Leadership" team would be pleased to present our expertise and insights through keynotes or lectures and support you in prioritising the debate on diversity and discrimination as a strategic priority within your organisation.

Policy briefings & policy consulting

The work on diversity and discrimination depends not only on management impulses but also on policy frameworks, laws and anti-discrimination measures; which is why our "Vielfalt entscheidet - Diversity in Leadership" team presents our expertise in policy briefings and background discussions and develops options for action in organisational or public policy contexts.

Often our customers want tailor-made offers that bundle different services or cover a longer period of time - please contact us: vielfalt@citizensforeurope.org

Empowering Civil Society


Multimedia (Project-)Documentation

We support multimedia projects, record and document their results and effects, such as the learning experiences of participants, interventions in public space or cooperation between different actors. For this we apply social science methods and a wide range of audio-visual solutions to distribute the results (video production, livestream, digital storytelling, animation, podcasts, etc). Check out our documentation for Tandem Europe. We also produce multimedia content in order to explain social issues and challenges, make them understandable, and also to offer affected actors themselves a medium for contextualizing the issue. As an example, watch our documentary Ruralink

Facilitation & Moderation

Our strength lies in interactive and participative workshops, as well as trainings with informal education methods. We take responsibility for all steps of the process, from the acquisition of experts and participants to logistical planning, implementation of audio-visual documentation, and evaluation. We specialize in cross-sectoral formats with diverse stakeholders and the exploitation of collective intelligence to address societal challenges.


We have developed a diverse range of analog and digital publications – from the concept to the final printing. Our strength is highly visual publications using illustrations and graphics to communicate complex issues. We have produced publications where the content was provided and those for which we provided and researched the content ourselves.

Regranting & Microgranting

Based on our large local and European-wide network of civil society actors, both on an individual and organizational level, we act as an intermediary between them and private and public funders and social investors. We bridge the gap between thematic interests of funders and the corresponding actors on the ground, provide an infrastructure to manage microgrants and to fund non-established actors such as informal groups without legal status.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know how we can support your work: wilhelm@citizensforeurope.org