About us

Citizens For Europe (CFE) is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation and social business that work on changing political and social structures towards a more inclusive, democratic and participatory society.

What we stand for

Our local and transnational projects aim to demonstrate the value and advantage of existing ethnic and cultural diversity in Europe, to encourage inclusion and fight discriminations and racism. They also advocate for full political participation and representation for all, as well as for the defense of fundamental rights. As such, we have developed an expertise on the topics of anti-discrimination, anti-racism, on democracy, citizenship and also on the empowerment of civil society.

What do we do

We strive to achieve social justice through the facilitation of multi-stakeholders collaboration, lobbying actions and the empowerment of various communities and individuals, so they actively participate and are directly included in decision-making processes affecting their lives.
We design and implement academic researches, trainings, awareness campaigns, international conferences and interactive workshops. We write policy proposals. We bridge the European and local level and act as a platform for cooperation between different actors of civil society, public and private sectors, academics and politics. To strengthen the collaboration of these stakeholders, we use collaborative and participatory approaches, non-formal education techniques and media in order to foster collective intelligence and develop creative and innovative solutions.

A bottom-up approach

When we started our activities in 2009, our work was mostly focusing on promoting a new and inclusive form of transnational and residency-based EU citizenship free from national and cultural attributes. A European citizenship based on the classical national paradigm discriminates against EU citizens who choose a transnational lifestyle and against third-country nationals who do not hold a passport from one of the EU countries. It implies their exclusion from political and social participation. This new citizenship should be able to empower all the people living in the European Union to participate more fully to the political process.
We chose our name “Citizens For Europe” to highlight this Citizenship thematic. We playfully reversed the name of the EU funding programme “Europe for Citizens” to counter the top-down dynamic that it implies and foster the bottom-up approach that we strive for.