What is CFE?


Citizens For Europe (CFE), a Berlin based non-profit NGO, promotes the development of a participatory and inclusive European Union. CFE focuses on issues of citizenship, diversity, migration and political participation in the EU.

Its transnational projects include online voting platforms, local street campaigns, international conferences, academic research and publications as well as interactive workshops.

CFE applies participatory approaches, non-formal education techniques and brings together a broad variety of private and public actors to develop creative and innovative solutions utilizing the collective intelligence of it’s network.


What do we do?


Together with many partners on local and European level we carry out a wide range of innovative projects, both on mid-term and long-term perspective.

Besides, we organise conferences, street campaigns and interactive workshops on topics connected to citizenship and political participation. With that we bring together different stakeholders to initiate and deliberate on new forms of political participation and an inclusive and participative European society in general.


Our Common Grounds


Citizens for Europe promotes political participation and social inclusion in Europe and creates opportunities for people to have an impact on decisions they are affected by.

We work towards this by changing structures, creating awareness and empowering people. In our work we bridge the European and local level and act as a platform for cooperation between different actors of civil society, academia and politics.
By bridging knowledge and using collaborative approaches, we aim to improve political participation and diversity and inclusion in Europe.

Political participation

Citizens for Europe boosts opportunities for more broad and meaningful political participation by promoting extension of voting rights and political engagement at the EU and local level.

Diversity and Inclusion

Citizens for Europe aims to demonstrate the value and advantage of existing ethnic and cultural diversity in Europe and to encourage inclusion and fight discrimination and racism in society.

Collaborative approaches

Citizens for Europe applies and offers effective interactive, participatory methods and techniques both in our work as a service provider.

Bridging Knowledge

Citizens for Europe achieves our thematic goals by bridging different actors (citizens, civil society, public and private sectors, politicians and academics) and types of knowledge and perspectives to promote cross-pollination and create more effective outcomes.