CHIEF-Podcast: A Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for change

Voting Rights For All Coalition in berlin - Campaign 2016

Foto: nd/Ulli Winkler

A Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for political and social change

The Story of the coalition "Voting Rights For All" in Berlin

How do you initiate and implement a partnership between various actors from civil society, academia, politics and local communities? How can a coalition of various stakeholders advocate for social and political change? How do you foster an inclusive, participatory and impactful multi-sectoral collaboration?
In this podcast, Séverine Lenglet, Head of the division “Empowering Civil Society“ at Citizens For Europe, and Martin Wilhelm, Director of Citizens For Europe, try to answer these questions, using the example of the Alliance “Wahlrecht für Alle – Voting Rights for All” that was initiated by Citizens For Europe in 2011 in Berlin. This advocacy campaign succeeded in bringing together various stakeholders and to put their demands on the political agenda of the current Berlin government.