CHIEF-Podcast: Advocacy for change

CHIEF Podcast Advocacy for social and political change

Advocacy & Campaigning for social and political change

How do you get political decision-makers to join your cause and become engaged with it?

How can you attract political decision-makers to support your cause? How can you build pressure so that they take responsibility and get engaged? How can you design a policy recommendation and advocate for change? To answer these questions, Martin Wilhelm, Director of Citizens For Europe, interviews Sergius Seebohm, an expert with more than 15 years’ experience in advocacy and political communication.

This podcast was produced in the frame of the CHIEF project, an international research project that strives for a more inclusive cultural education for young people across Europe by producing policy recommendations and advocating for them an in inclusive process.

As Citizens For Europe has a strong record in applying innovative methods for multi-stakeholders collaboration, we have been commissioned to co-create together with the partner universities a methodology to facilitate an effective dialogue between the various actors involved in the project: young people themselves, street workers, teachers, researchers, educational institutions, community leaders and, of course, policy makers.

In our methodological training "Inclusive collaboration for inclusive change" that took place mid-February 2019, we trained the researchers to give them the tools to implement the Multi-Stakeholders Partnership and collaborative workshops at the local level, to allow for inclusive, reflective and participatory social changes. To further support them, we also produced the handbook "Methodological Model of Effective Communication between Stakeholders - How to foster an inclusive and participative multi-sectoral collaboration". and a dedicated page on the CHIEF website that gathers resources to help the CHIEF partners in initiating and implementing a Multi-Stakeholders-Partnership between various actors from civil society, academia, politics, youth and local communities with the aim to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive society and to create social change (still developing).