EDN-Vox Pop: Activist Stories #Poland

Street activist in Poland

Being an opposition activist in Poland

Stories of street actions, violence, intimidation and threats...

How is the populist right-wing and national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party ruling Poland and how does it affect street opposition? Polish activists tell how the PiS politics is eroding the democratic standards and values in Poland, taking over the public media, threatening fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as shrinking the civic space. Civil society is under pressure. Listen to our vox pop with Polish activists : "Being an opposition activist in Poland in 2019".

These interviews were recorded and edited by our Media and Communication Officer Séverine Lenglet in Warsaw, end of March 2019, within the framework of European Democracy Network (EDN). More about EDN on this website: citizensforeurope.org/european-democracy_network/