European Democracy Network Final Conference

Democracies in the Making!

Online Learning Exchange with activists and changemakers from across Europe

How can civil society and activist movements resist and handle attacks by authoritarian governments on democratic values and basic rights, also in times of the COVID-19 pandemic? And how can new forms of interventions inspire these movements and revive democracy?
Organised within the European Democracy Network on Saturday 28.11.2020, our practice-oriented Online Learning Exchange "Democracies in the Making" connected about 150 activists defending democratic values and changemakers designing and implementing new models of participation and deliberation, beyond periodic elections.

During the morning session, five activists told us stories about the free Belarus initiative, the “LGBT-free zones” opposition movements in Poland, the Civil society response to the authoritarian takeover in Hungary, about the Massive protests and Women Revolution in Poland as well as Inclusion and Diversity in Extinction Rebellion movement.

Future of Democracy and Democratic Innovations in Europe

During the afternoon session, Lucas De Man from Company New Heroes gave a Lecture Performance “In Search of Democracy 3.0” and interviewed 5 Democratic Innovators: Dilara Bilgic (The European Gen Z Manifesto), Katrín Oddsdóttir (Icelandic Constitutional Reform), Marcin Gerwin (Citizens Assemblies - Democracy that works), Moritz Ritter (Liquid Democracy), Eva Rovers (Citizens Climate Assemblies).

This event was organised by the European Democracy Network and Company New Heroes.
Partner organizations of the European Democracy Network: Citizens For Europe gUG (Berlin, DE), Fundacja Wolni Obywatele RP (Warsaw, PL), Hungarian Civil Liberties Union / TASZ (Budapest, HU), MitOst (Berlin, DE), Nesehnuti (Brno, CZ), Nyt Europa (Copenhagen, DK), VoxPublic (Paris, FR)
Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union and Citizens For Europe (Brussels/Paris, BE/FR)