NiCeR - empowering local and newcomer youth

Using theater to strengthen youth participation while promoting living together in cultural diversity

From December 2015 to November 2017, the two-year NiCeR project used theater and the power of storytelling to develop a counter-narrative that strengthened youth participation in local cultural and social life while promoting skills development, empowerment and living together in cultural diversity. In Berlin, 30 young people from Berlin, Kosovo, Syria and Afghanistan came together, created and performed the musical What the Volk?! based on identity, belonging, migration and the power of language. The same project has also been replicated in 6 European partner cities: Rome, Brussels, Sevilla, Timisoara, Liverpool, Nicosia. In Berlin, Citizens For Europe gUG collaborated with Theater X, a self-organised CommUNITY-Theater where staff members and young people collaborate together in the creation of theatre performances. Their performances generally combine artistic and cultural action with political education, campaigning and the construction of an alternative and jointly designed theatre program in the neighbourhood. The theater is based in Moabit, a cosmopolitan neighborhood in the core of Berlin.


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