Action Fund Strong against racism

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Action Fund Strong against racism

Strengthening voluntary anti-racist engagement

The Action Fund supports up to 20 voluntary initiatives working in local projects against racism and for plural democracy with financial support of 5,000 € and a further training programme. Volunteers with and without their own experience of racism are supported, especially in Eastern Germany.

"In rural and structurally disadvantaged regions, engagement against racism can be a big challenge, emphasises Narmada Saraswati, project manager of the Action Fund Strong Against Racism. For example, there is often less funding, networking and support opportunities here." This is exactly where the Action Fund comes in. 


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"With financial support of up to €5,000 and a 14-month accompanying and further training programme, we strengthen the work of informal groups and smaller associations that volunteer against racism at the local level," explains Ben Manuš Liehr, education officer of the Action Fund. Committed people with and without their own experience of racism, migration and flight are supported, both in rural regions and in more urban areas with few support options for anti-racist voluntary work. The 20 funded initiatives do not require a legal form, such as a registered association or a bank account. Funding is provided through accounts of the Action Fund.

A wide range of Empowerment and educational workshops

The funded projects will be implemented between September 2023 and November 2024. In addition to financial support, we offer project support throughout the entire period in the form of a networking and training programme. This is geared towards the concrete needs of the project organisers and includes, for example, the topics of anti-racism, empowerment, fundraising, dealing with threats and/or designing a social media presence. We organise several workshops at the funded project groups on site as well as three central events in Berlin. We also produce several online formats that can be used as resources. These include, for example, podcasts, explainer videos and webinars.

By promoting social engagement to reduce racism, the Action Fund ultimately also contributes to a more democratic and just coexistence.

The Action Fund is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, the Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism and implemented by Citizens for Europe.

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