#ViRaL Podcast “Finance and Funding”

Feature Image #ViRaLfonds Podcast Finance and Funding

Our first #ViRaL Podcast is online!

The topic of the first #ViRaLfonds podcast (in German) is finance and funding. Especially for informal groups and smaller actors without full-time and professionalised structures, financing their actions and ideas is a special challenge - also because they often lack the capacities and experience to keep up with established organisations or to cope with the complex application processes. Which strategies, sources and support can informal groups and smaller actors draw on to tackle the challenges of financing? This question is answered in our first podcast.

- Moderation: Martin Wilhelm, Managing Director of Citizens For Europe
- Expert: Barbara Canton, project manager at House of Resources of Berlin, which offers various free support services to organizations committed to pluralism and diversity.

This podcast was produced in the context of the ViRaL action fund. ViRaL stands for Strengthening Diversity, Combating Racism and Engaging Locally and currently supports 10 projects of informal groups and small associations in Germany.
The aim of the ViRal action Fund is to support those who work voluntarily for an open society, for the recognition and appreciation of diversity, and against racism and discrimination. With ViRaL, we support the projects financially as well as in terms of content with an accompanying programme. And this podcast is part of the ViRaL support programme.

You can find out more about the ViRaL project and the accompanying programme on the website: https://citizensforeurope.org/aktionsfonds-viral/ or in German on the dedicated website: https://aktionsfonds-viral.de/