#ViRaL-Webinar: Fundraising for small organisations

#ViRaL-Webinar in German: Fundraising for small organisations

"From the idea to the project application"

#ViRaL-Webinar in German: Fundraising for small organisations

A great project idea does not automatically make a good project proposal. It is a challenge to present an idea in an application in such a way that it is easy for the sponsor to understand and to be convinced about it. The webinar takes a look at the application process from the analysis of the call for proposals to the submission of the application: What does an application need? What methods are there to highlight the needs of the project? How do you formulate good project objectives? What should be taken into account when the organisation presents itself? And what does a good cost plan look like?

Expert: Barbara Canton, project manager at House of Resources of Berlin, which offers various support services free of charge for organisations committed to the topic of plural society and diversity. 

This webinar is part of the ViRaL support programme. You can find out more about the ViRaL project and the accompanying programme on the website: https://citizensforeurope.org/aktionsfonds-viral/ or in German on the dedicated website: https://aktionsfonds-viral.de/